Coffee Table Books


Book collectors and UAE aficionados, rejoice—Assouline has collaborated with Expo 2020 Dubai on a collection of seven separate volumes dedicated to the stately event that had a spectacular run for six months until 31 March 2022.

Each volume is packed with spectacular photographs, educational descriptions, exclusive interviews, and incredible insight about the historical significance of the landmark and the impressive architecture that it houses.

“Like the buildings themselves, the books will set new benchmarks for the future, forming an essential record of Expo’s meaningful, lasting legacy,” stated Dr Federica Busa, Senior Vice President of Visitor Experience at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Born out of an ice cream shed where Londoner Kitty Travers creates a delicious mix of iced desserts, this book titled  La Grotta Ices is one to keep near at hand on your coffee table. Why? The following cover and inside images of this tasteful tome speak for themselves. 

The book offers a delectable look at Kitty’s research into 75 ice cream, sorbet and granita recipes, each perfected with love and a passion for ripe seasonal fruits and natural ingredients. 

The resulting pages will make you salivate, with each dessert filled with color, playfulness and freshness. 

Images credit: Amazon.com