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Inside a sumptuous villa on Al Wasl Road in Dubai is a salon that underscores a sense of relaxed sophistication. It’s Browz – a beauty destination founded by Dubai-based creative Michele Barclay, with an impressive selection of services that you can relish in an idyllic setting. Its impeccably polished interiors with plush pink furnishings and earthy tones set the mood for the treatment of your choice, whether it’s brow lamination, facial fitness, a lash lift, or one of the exquisite Natura Bissé offerings.

Expect a warm welcome from one of Browz’ spectacular beauty therapists, who will evaluate your skin before recommending the course of treatment for you. Among the service highlights is the Natura Bissé Citrus Essence Facial, which offers a wondrous mix of deep hydration, exfoliation, and revitalization.

Suitable for a broader spectrum of age groups and pregnant women, this utterly relaxing treatment will leave you with brighter, cleansed, and even-toned skin, as the ascorbic acid in Vitamin C works its magic. The result is an instant radiance boost – just what you need in the UAE summer.

Pair the facial with the Natura Bissé Inhibit Jawline Define and your skin will thank you later. This targeted sculpting treatment will replenish your skin, as it tightens and defines the contours of your face. Made with 100 per cent bamboo fibers and featuring an LED mask, the lift tones your skin and cleanses it from the inside-out.

As you leave Browz with your skin feeling supple, vow to return with your girlfriends for another day filled with beauty and bliss.

Browz is located on Al Wasl Road in Dubai and the Jumeirah Saadiyat Hotel Spa in Abu Dhabi. Visit and follow @Browz.uae on Instagram.

Gear up for fashion’s finest as London Fashion Week (LFW) is set to be held from 12-14 June. The digital showcase will present both menswear and womenswear as part of pre-recorded short films instead of the usual live shows.

Image via QASIMI

Alongside digital presentations, LFW has stated that there will be a few physical displays happening during the event that will be attuned to government regulations. A live audience is expected to be in attendance at some shows, but that’s yet to be confirmed by the organizers.

Image via Preen By Thornton Bregazzi

LFW has announced showcases by several prominent designers, including one by coveted brand QASIMI, which is currently led by Sheikha Hoor Al Qasimi. Also expect to relish womenswear lines by Preen by Thornton Bregazzi and Marques Almeida, and a menswear collection from Ahluwalia. Among the highlights are Bethany Williams’ pieces that have been created from leftover materials. 

Image via Bethany Williams 

In light of the upcoming fashion shows, LFW tweeted that the event will celebrate “environment, people and community and craftsmanship”, whilst promoting fashion’s carbon footprint and highlighting the brands prioritizing it. 

Images via Instagram

Henry Jacques has unveiled ‘Les Boites à Parfums’, an exclusive collection of handmade chests designed to house the Maison’s treasured Classiques perfumes. The range of 50 fragrances can now be housed in exquisitely designed chests that offer a lesson in craftsmanship. 

The chic, padded cases are complimentary upon purchase of three, six, or 10 pieces from the Classiques collection. The offer is valid on in sales at the Henry Jacques boutique and its upcoming e-shop, which goes live in June.

The cases are ideal for arranging the flacons, and protecting and carrying an entire selection of scents, whether they’re the classic Essences or the latest Brumes sprays. The chests are available in four colors: pink, taupe, beige, and brown. Take your pick. 

Images courtesy of Henry Jacques.

French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton collaborates with North American basketball league, the National Basketball Association (NBA), on a new capsule collection.

The drop is the second collaboration as part of Louis Vuitton’s three-year creative partnership with the NBA.

In 2020, the French label became the official travel case provider for the association and the Larry O’Brien Trophy was presented to Los Angeles Lakers in a Louis Vuitton case.

Inspired by the world of professional athletes and unmatched French elegance, the limited-edition collection was designed by American entrepreneur Virgil Abloh as a way to celebrate both parties with a series of bags, clothes, shoes, jewellery and more.

“This collection celebrates the cultural contribution of basketball and its diverse characters, and the idea of relatability as a force of unity,” said the designer on the brand’s official website.

Abloh rose to fame after founding his Italy-based brand Off-White in 2012 and later became a pioneering figure in the rise of the luxury streetwear trend. He is currently the artistic director for Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection.

Images via Louis Vuitton’s website

Luxury watchmaker, IWC Schaffhausen, launches a limited-edition Big Pilot’s watch inspired by the world of racing.

The luxury brand is no stranger to the world of racing: IWC Schaffhausen has been partnering with the Mercedes-AMG Formula One team since 2013 and in 2017 founded its own motorsport team.

With a matte black case, the Big Pilot’s Watch Constant-Force Tourbillon Edition “IWC Racing,” reflects the innovative technology and high-quality performance found in motorsport.

The timepiece is comprised of a double moon phase display, yellow-coloured accents, a ring-shaped structure on the outer dial and a black rubber strap, representing the engine, seats, and steering wheels of high-performance cars.

With only 15 pieces available, the watch’s black case and 94800 calibre give it a rare and futuristic look.

Images: provided.

Drawing inspiration from the pyramid-like infrastructure Luxor Obelisk, situated in Place de La Concorde in Paris, France, the hotel pays homage to Egyptian history while combining elements from French luxury and Emirati culture.

“French art de vivre, Egyptian and Emirati heritage are brought to life through décor, architecture and design. Grandeur and the tales of ancient Egyptian legends await to be discovered behind every corner,” said Omar Souab, General Manager of Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk, in a statement.

The hotel offers guests a wide of range of dining experiences such as Brasserie Boulud by Michelin star chef Daniel Boulud.

Located on the second floor, the brasserie presents visitors with the best of modern French cuisine as they are transported into a culinary experience like no other.

With art decorations, an open kitchen, modern chandeliers, bright colors and marble floors, the restaurant is a space where Parisian elegance meets the charming and warm Ancient Egyptian designs.

Throughout the Holy month of Ramadan, Brasserie Boulud invites guests to break their fast with a modern take on Iftar featuring dishes such as burrata with crisp artichokes, pickled zaatar and wild mushroom falafels, seabream with sumac and parsley, saffron poached pear tartlets and warm date puddings.

Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk also features a pool and lounge, Soleil, which translates to “sun” in English, transporting guests to Mediterranean destinations such as Santorini or Capri.

With a hotel app, QR codes and touchless technology throughout, Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk is the perfect space for tech-savvy visitors. Only a few minutes away from the city’s downtown, the hotel is sure to become one of Dubai’s hottest luxury destinations.

Images: provided. 

Hello my beautiful readers. Ramadan Kareem to all of you! May this holiday bring some more light, love, prosperity, health, wealth, joy and success.

This holy month is all about giving. We live in a world filled with chaos and worries, and now more than ever we need to be kind with one another. If everyone ends up doing a small gesture of kindness every day, I believe the world will become a better place.

In this column I am going to share few amazing things with you.

Everyone that knows me, knows that I never wear flats or sneakers. I was born in my heels. When I was pregnant, I didn’t have a choice but to start wearing sneakers. It was very difficult for me to find sneakers that are chic and comfortable at the same time.

But one day a miracle happened to me: I was in Sweden and I walked by an ultra-luxury shoe store, and in the window, I saw a beautiful pair of simple yet fashionable sneakers. Just to me luck, the owner of the boutique happened to be there, and I immediately felt welcomed.

My miracle, aka the shoe brand, is called Stinaa.J, and the sneakers that I wanted and tried on were the most comfortable shoes ever. I was floating on air! They explained to me that the soles of their shoes rely on materials developed for NASA. The foam that they use is an orthopaedic foam that models after the shape of your feet for maximum comfort.

Peter Hedström is the orthopaedic engineer that created these amazing soles which are only used in Stinaa.J shoes. Their heels are unbelievable: you can wear them for 12 hours straight without feeling any sort of discomfort. This brand is by far every woman’s dream come true.

These shoes are designed to correct your posture and avoid any pain in your knees, feet, hips and back, which means you will not develop any future problem with your back, one of the most common areas of pain for women around the world. 

Stinaa.J does ship to the Middle East and you can visit them on:

I also wanted to share with you this amazing jewellery brand, Jude Jewels, designed by 10-years-old Jude Adnan and her beautiful mother Josette.

The jewellery pieces are so special, as Jude draws inspiration from her mother and God to create the unique designs. She believes in magic and grew up with a mother that been surrounded by medallions and art.

Gold and precious stones frame the breath-taking hand-painted pieces, and just like the two ladies behind this line, the jewellery is classy and timeless. It is the perfect gift for both mothers and daughters. You can visit their Instagram page: @judejewelslb.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead filled with love, light and prosperity.



Nina Zandnia is a Persian-Swedish luxury lifestyle icon and a media maven who is based in Dubai. She has worked for major global media networks for over 20 years. She’s the founder of one of the first lifestyle online TV channels in the Middle East called She’s also a fashion designer and has housed her collections at Galeries Lafayette. Among her many accolades is bagging a prize at the Great Woman Awards 2016 Middle East. With a following of over 415k on Instagram, Nina has been a key voice in the luxury lifestyle landscape of the UAE and beyond. Follow her @Ninazandnia on Instagram.

“Boys are so much easier than girls.”

“Girls are so much drama when they get older.”

While so many of us get involved in the great parenting debate over which sex is more challenging to raise, we are in danger of overlooking a more serious issue. What is the best way to raise boys into honorable and respectful men?

I speak from experience, not only as a mother of two boys (and two girls) but also as a psychologist who has spent the last decade working with boys and men. While it may be easier for parents to raise boys due to the low levels of outwardly drama, it is certainly not easy for the boys to navigate the scary and lonely inner landscape.

They feel fear, anxiety, sorrow, grief, panic, loneliness and shame – but they don’t feel they can talk to anyone about it.

I have heard first-hand the pain, suffering, hurt and anxieties of boys and men who have been brought up with the notion that ‘big boys don’t cry’. These are males who have spent years in quiet anguish as they were applauded for being emotionally detached and ridiculed for even the smallest expression of emotion. They feel fear, anxiety, sorrow, grief, panic, loneliness and shame – but they don’t feel they can talk to anyone about it. Emotionally blocked, and silently suffering, these are the lost boys of the 21stcentury.

We are raising our boys to conceal their emotions, and we are teaching our boys that anger shows strength and sadness shows weakness.

As much as popular culture will have us believe that boys are tough, cape-wearing, unemotional ‘superheroes’, in reality they are as emotionally fragile as girls. Just because they’re not as outwardly expressive as girls doesn’t mean that they don’t have complicated emotions that run as deep. And, just because they are ‘seen’ as the ‘stronger’ sex, doesn’t mean that they don’t have the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the ‘fairer’ sex.

We are raising our boys to conceal their emotions, and we are teaching our boys that anger shows strength and sadness shows weakness. It’s not just a bad idea; I believe it’s dangerous.

In the UK, for example, research revealed that there’s a marked gender gap in university admissions and fewer males are choosing to study for a degree. Also, three times as many men are regular drug users than women. Many psychologists believe that a reluctance to express their emotions openly is a significant factor in these statistics, and that we are setting our boys up to bury their feelings in alcohol, drugs and other unhealthy avenues.  This is not just the case in the UK but a worldwide phenomenon. Our boys are drowning in their own emotions.

Our boys need to understand that they can give an outpouring of emotion without compromising their masculinity.

We need to look at what we’re doing to raise healthy, emotionally intelligent and fully engaged boys.

How? By helping them to build an emotional vocabulary from a very young age.

We need to teach our boys that it’s okay to cry when they are hurt, be sad when they lose, and grieve when someone leaves or dies. Instead of brushing their feelings under the carpet with the natural response of, “Be a big boy and wipe away those tears,” we need to encourage them to reflect on and express their pain and sadness. In order to do this in the best of ways, we have to be conscious of how the larger society has impacted our own ideas of masculinity.

Our boys need to understand that they can give an outpouring of emotion without compromising their masculinity. Ultimately, this will make them more self-aware, emotionally resilient, and capable of expressing both positive and negative feelings. Most importantly, it will make them authentically happy.

As a mother, it has been important for me to against my instinct be a solid rock for my sons. Instead, I have chosen to let them see me as vulnerable. I have let them see me cry, hurt, suffer, grieve and feel. I have spent time with my sons talking about my feelings and theirs. I have shared my internal struggles, moral dilemmas, wrongdoings and mistakes. I have let them see the whole being that is their mother. In doing this, I will have hopefully modeled for them the courage it takes to live life with integrity, authentically, and to its fullest.

Dr Saliha Afridi is a clinical psychologist and the founder and Managing Director of The LightHouse Arabia, one of the largest mental health centers in Dubai and the UAE. Her expertise is in parenting and burnout in the workplace sector. Since founding The Lighthouse Arabia in 2011, Dr Saliha and her team have contributed thousands of hours to the community, free of charge, to educate and raise awareness about mental health and wellness. Among her achievements is bringing Australian Mental Health First Aid to the UAE, where her team has trained over 1,000 first aiders for early detection and treatment of mental health difficulties within their communities. Visit and follow @Drsalihaafridi and @Lighthousearabia on Instagram.

Sana Al Maktoum Fine Jewellery has collaborated with Christie’s Dubai, for an exclusive pop-up showcase from 5-12 May.  The accessory brand was founded by Her Highness Sheikha Sana Al Maktoum, a certified gemmologist, who aims to make women feel confident and empowered with her unique pieces.

The event will showcase the brand’s ‘My Treasure’ collection, comprising 13 pieces such as earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces, created from ethically-sourced stones. Inspired by her grandmother, butterflies are used as the centerpiece for the contemporary and versatile designs. The collection is bedecked with diamonds, sapphires and gold.

“Purchasing a piece of jewelry is mostly associated with a special occasion or moment in one’s life. Jewelry is always a gift now and a family heirloom later, which makes it timeless and carries with it a sense of sentimentality. The spiritual properties of the stones also add to its appeal, making the perfect present to celebrate a milestone in one’s life and a true collector’s item,” Sheikha Sana said in a statement.

Throughout the pop-up event, visitors will also get the chance to have a look at the limited edition ‘Treasure’ choker.

Click here to book your visit now. Images courtesy of Sana Al Maktoum Fine Jewelry.

Aiming at combating poverty and hunger in the region, the ‘100 Million Meals’ campaign has been rolled out this Ramadan, providing meals to underprivileged families across 20 countries. The initiative is an extension of the 2020 initiative, ’10 Million Meals’, which was launched specifically in the UAE to ensure food for those affected by COVID-19.

Delivering to countries such as Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan, the scheme is part of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI), a foundation established in 2015 to support and empower communities around the world.

Throughout the month, ‘100 Million Meals’ will continue to give back while actively contributing “to achieving the second of the UN Sustainable Development Goals that aims to end hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition by 2030,” as stated on its official website.

Many regional celebrities and the corporate community have been supporting the campaign, including beauty entrepreneur Huda Kattan, who has donated Dhs1 million, and Al Rostamani Group that has contributed Dhs10 million to the cause. To find out more and donate, head to the ‘100 Million Meals’ official website.

Images via the Mohammed bin Rashid Initiatives Instagram account.