Action In The Year Of The Tiger


Prada has announced the winners of the ‘Action in the Year of the Tiger’ campaign with a special presentation that features 20 winning entries. The campaign, which was launched to mark Chinese New Year earlier this year, called for students to submit their interpretation of a tiger, as part of Prada’s initiative to raise public awareness about the endangered animal.

“The Year of the Tiger is a remarkable event. Tigers are beautiful animals, which always inspire boundless imagination. The tiger and Prada can be seen metaphorically, creating a dual theme that’s challenging to work with. Many entries showed careful thought and professional visual effects. The selection process was tough, as the standard was so high,” said Liu Ye, one of the winners.

The presentation at Prada Rong Zhai in Shanghai presents the artworks as images and videos that are displayed on large screens mounted on the walls.

Primary school students are invited to Prada Rong Zhai, so they can also experience a science and art workshop in collaboration with Yishan, China’s key platform for children-focused content. During the workshop, kids can learn more about wildlife and biodiversity.

The exhibition runs from 30 August till 18 September, and is open to the public free of cost.

Images courtesy of Prada