The scent of art

Guerlain has joined creative forces with Tunisian calligraphy artist Inkman to reimagine the iconic Bee Bottle. With swirls of calligraphy in Inkman’s distinct style, the fragrance is inspired by Le Songe de la Reine.

Inkman’s calligraphic artwork weaves Arabic letters with Guerlain’s signature ‘G’ monogram. The design that dresses the fragrance glass vessel has been brought to life by Parisian jeweller Goossens.

“Calligraphy is the language of the soul. We feel emotions before understanding the letters. It’s a portal to a magical world,” Inkman said in a statement. “I looked on the Bee Bottle as the body of a woman that I wanted to dress with a unique piece of art.”

The perfume was created by Guerlain’s master perfumer Thierry Wasser, whose fascination with the Middle East has long been an influence on the Maison’s journey of perfumery. “It’s a highly contrasted fragrance that confronts the force and sensuality of woods with the vegetal vibration of fig-tree sap,” explained Thierry.

The scent opens with mandarin and bergamot notes, paired with the scent of figs and a woody base of sandalwood and cedar. The launch is ultra-exclusive, with only 26 pieces available worldwide.

Images courtesy of Guerlain