You're cordially invited to our next meta party

Architect-fashion designer Luis Fernandez has launched a a luxury virtual waterfront venue called ‘MetaEstates_Villa’, which has been made public via NFT.

The digital property is one that can be placed into any metaverse platform in the multiverse – the virtual world is not a single place, but several ecosystems that exist together. In reality, the different metaverses don’t work together but Luis’s NFT villa makes it possible.

In other words, owners of his NFT spaces, including Luis’ villas, can place their property into any virtual world they want to as long as they own a land there.

The MetaEstates_Villa may be used by the owner to host parties, hangouts, showrooms, business meetings, event spaces, or any other gathering with up to 50 friends in the metaverse. However, they don’t own the design of the villa itself. It’s not the artwork that they own but the ‘metaspace’ it exists in.

Luis worked with architectural designer ‘The Line’ to create the villa’s concept. The virtual home presents a sophisticated space with beautiful views, towering pillars and a swimming pool that imitates the ocean it’s surrounded by. Think of walking into a high-fantasy version of a seascape vacation, complete with clean lines and minimalism that Luis is known for, along with dramatic cliff-side vistas.

Luis revealed that the project took over 18 months to complete. However, most of his energy went into making the technology work rather than the design aspect of it.

Images courtesy of Luis Fernandez