The founder of jewellery brand Hashi charts the journey of Emirati women in the UAE

Why is it important to dedicate a day to celebrate Emirati women?

Women from the UAE have come a long way in making a mark for themselves in various fields, including male-dominated industries. We’re changemakers, who are garnering international limelight for our achievements. Celebrations like Emirati Women’s Day lay focus on established and emerging women, such as entrepreneurs, artists, sportswomen, educators, and humanitarian workers. It’s a bid to motivate women, work towards their dreams, and become the voice that needs to be heard. We’re important contributors to nation-building, and that merits recognition today and every day.

How far have Emirati women come?

The journey of Emirati women for me resembles that of a butterfly, who goes through metamorphosis—emerging from the cocoon to take flight with wings of color. The transformation is of beauty that’s reflective of pure souls, hard work that deserves applause, and perseverance that inspires others to make their journey worthwhile. I feel so blessed to be born in this country because we have great women leaders reaching phenomenal heights to show the world that there’s no stopping an Emirati woman. We have amazing leaders who have proven that Emirati women are paving the way for future generations.

What are your aspirations as an Emirati woman?

I want every Emirati woman to reveal their pride in being an Emirati. We’re in a country that supports and believes in women and will provide opportunities to help them reach greater heights. We already know that the nation is preparing for women’s ambitions and aspirations for the next 50 years, and I want to make the most of that.

What are your goals for the future?

I believe in living each day as it comes. I take each day as a new opportunity, thank the Almighty for being alive and facing and overcoming the challenges that may come my way. In my profession, I’ve found a way to shine and help other women shine, so I’d like to see more women embracing themselves as they are and celebrating small moments in life to make them large.

What do you think about the concept of women supporting women?

Having a growth opportunity in the UAE is a privilege because beautiful and inspiring things keep happening. The way women support women is incredible and I think everyone can learn a lesson or two from our camaraderie. We don’t only empower women but also empower the entire society.

As an Emirati entrepreneur, are there any challenges that you faced along the way?

Being an Emirati entrepreneur has been more of a blessing because the UAE community is so encouraging and supportive. In a nurturing environment, even challenges feel like opportunities, and the ‘harder it hits, the stronger it gets.’ So even when there are challenges, I’m game for them because I’m raised in an empowered society that has established women’s role in the DNA of nation-building.

Hamda Al Mansoori founded HASHI in 2013. The jewellery brand was named after the Japanese word, which means ‘to bridge’. Hamda has been bridging the gap between buyers and their dream of feeling good with bespoke luxury creations. With exclusive designs and handpicked gems and diamonds, HASHI has been curating classic jewellery pieces with a modern twist for its clientele across the globe.

HASHI creates and manufactures its designs in-house at its factory in Dubai, where sophisticated technology is paired with the label’s traditional design aesthetic. From sketching to stone setting, all the processes are supervised by Hamda, who ensures quality production and attention to detail. At the brand’s core is to make everyday special with timeless designs.

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